The Art of Paper Filigree

This blog is to celebrate the things I enjoy making. This includes quilling art, crafts, and cooking recipes and ideas, as well as some musings. I enjoy sharing ideas. By all means, if you want to borrow an art idea, go for it. But please, make it your own; don't just copy. If you've never heard of quilling art, I hope this introduces it as an art form and possible hobby. And I hope the pages to the right of the quilling blog posts offer up information, ideas and inspiration.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011


An older gentleman bought Ezmerelda for his grandniece, whom he said is "a princess." He came to market with other family, including his sister, who later told me how much the little girl loved her picture. It's really cool to get positive feedback.

This lovely woman also likes my quilling art. She bought Freaky Fish and asked if I could make a giraffe. I said, "sure." And so I have. I hope she likes it!

So many more ideas to work on! :)