The Art of Paper Filigree

This blog is to celebrate the things I enjoy making. This includes quilling art, crafts, and cooking recipes and ideas, as well as some musings. I enjoy sharing ideas. By all means, if you want to borrow an art idea, go for it. But please, make it your own; don't just copy. If you've never heard of quilling art, I hope this introduces it as an art form and possible hobby. And I hope the pages to the right of the quilling blog posts offer up information, ideas and inspiration.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


So, what have I been doing lately?  Someone
mentioned that a dragonfly would be nice, so I did one.  I used glistening paper, all different colours for the wings.  I wish I could find some deeper shadowbox frames though... I could do more with something like this if I had more room.  I may have to start making my own frames. ;p
I just love this little froggy poem... I've made one before with a different frog pattern that I devised myself.  This time I tried the 3D, curly limbed pattern out of a quilling art book.  It's interesting anyway!
Another vendor at the market I'm doing this year asked me if I could make an owl.  "Sure," I said.  She really liked it. :)  And of course, I've kept the cards comin', recently figuring out how to create a likeness of an echinacea flower.  I really like to combine photos with quilling art on my cards, and it seems as if other people like it too.  :)  Most of my cards are blank, all purpose, but the card on the right is a wedding card.  So, busy, busy!  :)


  1. lovely works, really like them all!!!!!

  2. Thanks Paula! Still trying to wangle more time to do quilling art. Working on a guitar now. :)