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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blue Jay!

Last Spring a wee baby squirrel came 'round our place, apparently looking for his mama.  She had been killed by a car across from the neighbour's place.  This poor wee baby squirrel kept going up to anyone, including our cats, as if to ask, "are you my mama?"

We kind of took care of him, putting out sunflower seeds for him to eat.  We didn't know if he'd survive long without any apparent fear for creatures that would harm him, but somehow he did. 

Now he has lots of squirrelly friends, probably in part because we still put out food for him.  Squirrels that have human friends with food are probably pretty popular, so we figure his friends are teaching him squirrelly ways.

We put out mostly unsalted peanuts in the shell for them, but of course, it isn't only the squirrels taking advantage of this.  There's a flock of blue jays living in the trees across the road, and when we put out those peanuts, they take turns stealing a share for themselves.  Jays are related to crows, and my, they can be aggressive and raucous birds for sure!  But hey, they are also very beautiful.  Just had to make one in quilling art. :)


  1. very pretty bird, I didnt know about blue jays, just knew they are beautiful birds. glad the squirel survived and with his kind!!!

    1. Thanks Paula! Oh yes, Sebastian, as we call him, is the only one who'll come and ask for food, but his buddies are there lickidy-split once we put some out. ;) And the jays! Whoa...

    2. Thanks Bronwyn! I kind of like to make pictures in pairs, so now I'm working on a cardinal. :)