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Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Butterflies

Yes, I've been busy making all kinds of things.  But since I sold all my butterflies, I decided I had to make more.  I came up with a new idea for them: butterfly in a bottle.  Here's my first one. 

And I needed another framed one, so this is what I came up

These are made differently.  I used smaller design pieces to make the monarch in the bottle.  The framed one is made just as the butterfly is in the butterfly workshop posted in this blog.  (Look around... it's here somewhere!)

I used a conventional matting, decorating it as well, so that instead of creating a background, I just used a piece of carding in a colour I liked and mounted the butterfly on a dried twig.  Yes, I still don't like giving up the picture so abruptly at the frame, so it is painted as well.  :)

Fun!  I'm also busy working on some new cards.  But that's for another day.  :)  Onward!